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How the “Child Abuse” doctrine grew up from some remains of psychoanalysis:

From about 1940 to 1970, Sigmund Freud’s theoretical concepts of mental life and its disorders dominated American psychiatry. The most enduring, problematic feature of Freudianism was its claim that the important facts about our mental life are disguised, buried in the “unconscious,” stifled by convention and conformity.In the 1960s, the authority of the Freudians began to wane in America, partly because their ineffectiveness with serious mental disorders became evident and partly because their treatments were costly, in both time and money. At the same time, the field began to make real progress with the discovery of medications . Psychiatrists began acting like Sherlock Holmes, looking for various “dogs that didn’t bark” to explain their patients’ problems. This brought us fiascoes such as the multiple-personality craze and “repressed memories” of child abuse.

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